Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weight Loss Update

Friday I had my monthly weigh in and I thought it was about time to share an update on my blog.

I am trying to keep my 'diet' sane and sensible. Focusing on physical fitness and eating healthy so I am able to sustain this lifestyle change for the rest of my life. That said, weight loss isn't going as fast as it did at first. I hit a plateau, gained some weight back and hung there for a really long month.

I am finally losing again!

Curves keeps track of your exercise, frequency, strength and calories burned along with weight and measurements. Each month you get a handy dandy print out to proudly hang on your fridge.

This last month I lost 15 total inches.

Bust -2.25 inches
Waist -3.25 inches
Abdomen -3.00 in
Hips -3.00 in
Thighs -2.5 in
Arms -1.0 inches

Body Fat -1.70 %

Weight -15.5 lbs
Body Fat Lbs -11.86 lbs

My total weight loss for the month was 15.50 lbs, of that 11.86 lbs was pure fat!

My total weight loss since starting the Curves plan is 32.5 lbs

Finally my bust sticks out further than my stomach. *smile*

Look Ma, I am actually running now in the field with my dog!

On the off chance you cannot see that picture clearly. That is my new friend Cindy (she adopted Kiddo) with Bonnie and I in the field...running to keep ahead of the sheep.

The best part? I didn't need to swollow entire bottle of ibuprofen today.

That is a very good thing.


Cocorue said...

well done and do keep it up as being healthy is sooooo seemed determined to lose the weight and that's what counts.....

although i'm small, my vet says i must not be overweight for my size (i'm 3lbs and 8.5ins from neck to tail) as my skinny legs will not be able to take the added weight.....don't laugh, i'm serious

will check on your progress again, you should be so proud of yourself

Raising Addie said...


Keep up the good work! My friend that is on a diet plan with curves has hit a wall too right now. She is very discouraged so I will have to let her know your experience and hopefully that will give her hope.

Have a great day!

Emma Rose said...

Congrats! Losing weight is really hard - we know. You are an inspiration to us right when we need it the most :)
Thanks! And keep up the good work (and it IS work)

Emma Rose and The Duchess

Sarah said...

congrats, that is amazing you are seeing such great results!

Kathy said...

whooooo hooooooo!!!!! GREAT JOB!