Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bonnie Smackdown

Hiya, its me Ranger.

I want to tell you something


We are all tired of her. Please buy her a muzzle.

All of us are nice to each other. We wait our turn for the ball.

Sometimes Beth has a problem with that, but usually she is good.

But Bonnie doesn't care 'bout the ball.

All she cares about is biting and jumping on us as we catch the escaping ball.

She is always hurting Beth.

Mom thought Beth was accident prone, till she figured out it was Bonnie who was leaving all the 'lasseratshuns' all over Beth. Beth doesn't bite back cuz she has the ball in her mouth. If she dropped the ball her head would fall off, you know.

Bonnie waits

....and watches

Then when the ball escapes she picks someone to run after and chase.

She is the embodiment of evil. Satan incarnate. See proof below. She has horns.

Let me tell you what I did! I am sooooo smart!

She chased me into the water. I got the ball.

When I was swimming she started to harass me.

That is when I made my move.

I dunked her. (The picture is blurry because Mom sucks at photography). I added a few comments so you know what you are looking at.

Behold Bonnie's Smackdown.

Not so big in your wet fur now huh Bonnie?

Everyone was proud of me.

Vicki was proud of me, 'specially when I squeezed between her legs and got her jeans all wet and soggy.

I am Ranger

King of Wet Balls and Big Sticks.

I will tell you more tomorrow 'bout our fun day at the river with 11 border collies.


Sarah said...

LOL Satan incarnate!!!! great story and pics!

The Thundering Herd said...

Way to go, Ranger. Amazing how the pups always work these things out eventually.

PoochesForPeace said...

LOL, "if she drops the ball her head would fall off." good job Ranger! I hate to say it but the comment about wet balls and big sticks sounds more like sarcasm from Life With Dogs, haha!!

sweetpea_path said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dialogue...v-e-r-y entertaining...and I don't care whut Ranger says, the photos of all the happenings are splendiferous! (sorreee Ranger)

Lean said...

Loveley story Ranger King Of....all dogs maby????
great pictuers love IT.
bye bye,Lean

Kimberly-MyPets said...

I was so into this story and laughing so much that I almost missed my train stop and had to grab my computer and bags and bolt off the train.

My train mates must think I'm a mad woman :)

- Kimberly

Emma Rose said...

I loved this post. Especially the photo of all 10 dogs because I'm sure I saw my "dreamboat" in there! That picture of Vicki is really nice too.

Emma Rose