Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great Book - Promise of the Wolves

I just finished reading...

I dreaded putting it down. I found myself thinking about the characters and story throughout my day. A vivid journey into the past from the perspective of Kaala an enchanting wolf pup.

What is the Promise of the Wolf?

Never consort with humans. Never kill a human unprovoked. Never allow a mixed-blood wolf to live.

At least that’s what the wolves of the Wide Valley believe. Until a young wolf dares to break the rules—and forever alters the relationship between wolves and the humans who share their world.

Born of a forbidden mixed-blood litter and an outcast after her mother is banished, Kaala is determined to earn a place in the Swift River pack. But her world is turned upside down when she saves a human girl from drowning. Risking expulsion from their pack and banishment from the Wide Valley, Kaala and her young packmates begin to hunt with the humans and thus discover the long-hidden bond between the two clans. But when war between wolves and humans threatens, Kaala learns the lies behind the wolf’s promise. Lies that force her to choose between safety for herself and her friends and the survival of her pack—and perhaps of all wolf- and humankind.

Set 14,000 years ago, Promise of the Wolves takes you to a land where time is counted in phases of the moon, distance is measured in wolflengths, and direction by the scent of the nearest trail. Join Kaala and her pack in a spellbinding adventure set in a fantastical world filled with lore.

Check it out! You won't regret it!

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DeltaBluez Tess said...

oh, I want to read it. can i borrow it?

Maddy said...

I bought this book about a month ago, it was on the clearance stand for $4! I haven't read it yet.. I'll have to after i finished the book i'm reading at the mo. :-)

The Thundering Herd said...

Thanks for the recommendation. We are always hungry for new books!

Gennasus said...

Thanks for the recommendation, will look out for it.

I like the new look, especially the header. How did you get the page to fill the whole screen like that?

(Funnily enough, the word verification is 'space' - which is what your new-look blog seems to have plenty of!)

Pamela, said...

Wooos! Mommy was just reading about the relationship of wolves and dogs and humans in a book called "Animals in translation" by Temple Grandin. You might like it.
-Kira The BeaWootiful

BCxFour said...

Diane - sure you can borrow it!

Maddy - read it! It is a fabulous easy read (nice flow). You will enjoy it!

Thundering Herd - let us know what you think!

Gennasus - How did I get the picture to fill up the whole screen? I resized my image to 924 pixels wide. I see though that it isnt quite perfect yet so I will fine tune the width just a smidgen. I am also going to mess around with the HTML code this weekend and see if I can get the whole header resized smaller so it doesnt look so HUGE when you arrive on my blog. I am not sure I like how it does take up the whole screen. Know what I mean? But thanks for the compliments! Space is what I was after - I was tired of all my pictures getting cut off on the sides.

Pamela - I have read that book, it is excellent!

Lacey said...

can't wait to read it

Doodles said...

I am hoping i can get this book in scotland as it sounds like a brilliant read thank you for sharing it with us xxxxxx

Cocorue said...

TQ for the recommendation as mum likes to read....
i've just awarded you this......come check

Shelley said...

Great review - sounds like a book I need to pick up! I've always had a soft spot for wolves and have been outraged by the recent aerial hunting of them in Alaska.

An English Shepherd said...

sounds like an interesting book