Thursday, May 17, 2012


First, watch this little clip from the Simpsons

Llama-Pig, Llama-Pig

Does whatever a Llama-Pig does

He could spit, in your hair, 

No he won't, he's a pig

Look out, he is a Llama-Pig.  

This lack luster return to blogging has been brought to you by Monique.

Blame her for this ear worm.

I will return later, after I attempt to gouge this melody out of my brain with an icepick.  


Anonymous said...

Love that Simpson clip

Monique said...


Laura L. said...

Lol, that is funny. We have a Katie pig here (Boston Terrier). I've had that ear worm for the last 7 months, it's just been renewed.

Gorgeous pictures, as always!

Lynette said...

Please do another blog post - every time I come to check, I get the Llama Pig ear worm again!